La Condesa, Los Angeles

Echale, San Antonio

X Marks The Art


Phantom Sightings (group)

Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Curated by Rita Gonzalez, Howard Fox, and Chon Noriega
Los Angeles, California
April 2008

But still I'd leap in front of a flying bullet for you (group)

Artpace residency
Curated by Victor Zamudio-Taylor
San Antonio, Texas
March 2005

Coyote girl steals the raspa (group)

Curated by Dan Cameron
Limerick, Ireland
March 2005

Coyote girl steals the raspa (group)

San Juan Triennial
Curated by Harper Montgomery
San Juan, Puerto Rico
December 2004

El corrido de el Super Taco gone bad (solo)

The Louvre
Curated by Victor Zamudio-Taylor
Paris, France
Septmeber 2004

Coyote girl steals the raspa (solo)

The Dallas Center for Contemporary Art
Curated by Joan Davidow
Dallas, Texas
October 2003

Spaztek gets a job (solo)

Curated by Katheryn Kanjo
San Antonio, Texas
July 2002

2 tacos for 99 cents (solo)

San Antonio Museum of Art
Curated by George Neubert
San Antonio, Texas
December 2001

Spaztek y La Love Mix (group)

Madrid, Spain
Curated by Cuahtemoc Medina
November 2001



CRUZ ORTIZ, who lives and works in San Antonio, Texas, uses print, performance, and film to address issues related to his experiences growing up in the bicultural landscape of South Texas.

Thoroughly grounded in the history of art, contemporary art practices, and social-political cultural movements Ortiz's unique language fuses classical icons with symbols of contemporary pop culture such as taco trucks, canned beans, and an alter ego named SPAZTEK. He engages the public with interactive works such as wheat paste murals, communal art events, guerilla AM radio broadcasts, and ephemeral street sculptures.

Cruz Ortiz has had solo exhibitions at ARTPACE in San Antonio, Texas and the CONTEMPORARY ART MUSEUM in Houston, Texas. He has been invited to participate in many major international exhibitions and institutions such as: the LOURVRE in Paris, France; EV-A in Limerick, Ireland; the traveling exhibition PHANTOM SIGHTINGS with the LOS ANGELES COUNTY MUSEUM OF ART; the SAN JUAN TRIENNIAL in San Juan, Puerto Rico; and a recent group exhibition at THE BLUE COAT MUSEUM in Liverpool, England.

His most recent solo exhibition was at the University of Texas at Austin Visual Arts Center, where he launched HECHO FARM, a super fantastic multi-purpose urban design effort for humans.


Giant Noise PR
1208 East 7th St. Austin, TX 78702
512-382-9017 |


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